Fire Helpline

The subject of Fire Services in the State of Maharashtra is vested with the Urban Local Bodies. Accordingly the provisions exist in the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, Maharashtra Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 maintained as the Maharashtra Regional Town and Industrial Township Planning Act 1966. In addition to this, as per the directives of the State Government, other Special Planning Authorities like MIDC & CIDCO manage the Fire Services for their areas. It was always under the consideration of the State Govt. to establish a full-fledge State Fire Training Centre. It took about 30 plus long years to emerge Nucleus State Training Centre near the Vidyanagari Complex at Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai. This Training Centre was provided approximately 24 acres of land near Kalina Campus. Due to various reasons, Training Centre has not coped up in a way, it was expected, however this land has been allotted to Police Department. 1.25 acres of land is reserved for the State Fire Training Center. Few photographs of the Training Centre are enclosed herewith.
Training Center
    The State Fire Training Centre is established in Santacruz (East) approximately 05 kms. away from the Santacruz Railway Station and in the close proximity of the Complex of Mumbai University. It is 3 kms. away from the National & International Airports. Though it is within Mumbai, it enjoys a very silent and peaceful location.
    The Training Centre has one Classroom having capacity to accommodate 75 students with all the Audio & Visuals required for the Training such as OHP, TV, D.V.D. There are 3 Dormitories having capacity to accommodate 50 Trainees.
    The Training Centre maintains a well-equipped Fire Engine, 1 Troop Carriers, 2 conventional vehicles & Trailer Pump and other all the basic requirements for the Fire Fighting Training.
  • STAFF:
    The Training Centre is headed by the Fire Advisor to Govt. of Maharashtra and is having following staff. In addition to this paid staff, Mumbai has a great advantage of Faculties from the multi-discipline areas from the various Fire Services such as for Civic Fire Services, we have the M.C.G.M. Fire Department, for Nuclear Hazards, we have B.A.R.C. Fire Services Experts, for Industrial Fire Hazards, we have experts from MIDC, MSEB, R.C.F. and such other Industries, for Oil & highly inflammable Chemicals, we have experts from the Bombay Harbor, For Air Port & Sea Ports, also experts from the Air-Port Authorities and Sea-Port Authorities extend valuable combination due to which the Training Centre has been able to deliver quality products and has been able to maintain the quality of Training on sustain basis. So far the Training Centre has conducted about 110 number of courses of different types and has been able to produce so many Fire Fighters not only for the State of Maharashtra but even for the other States.
    This Training Centre has achieved an excellent rating by the Fire Advisor to Govt. of India, Director General Civil Defence and the Director, National Fire Service College, who has personally visited the Training Centre. The major achievement of this Training Centre is - in the year June, 2003 we have been able to commence the Sub-Officers' course from the National Fire Service College, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and Govt. of India had declared the Centre as "Regional Training Centre" to cater the need of neighbouring States.
    A proposal is approved by Govt. of India for according the permission for re-appropriation of grants received under the 11th & 12th Finance Commission for the utilization of the physical infrastructure of the State Fire Service Academy by raising atleast a 7 storied buildings accommodating 50 hostel rooms, 4 class-rooms, 3 Conference Rooms, good Canteen & Cafeteria, which can house the Modern Fire appliances. The work of this project on deposit contribution basis has been given to MMRDA and Govt. of Maharashtra has already paid about Rs.10.82 crore to MMRDA for this project. The University of Mumbai has already agreed in principle to commence a full-fledge degree course of B.Sc. (Fire Technology) at par with the National Fire Service College.
    With a clear vision and mission and with a intention to address the need of State to produce the required skill set and knowledge set, manpower to cope up with likely natural and man-made disasters, the State may have to cope up with.
    As a possible action plan is to create atleast 8 to 10 Specialized Search & Rescue Teams to cope up with Natural Disasters such as earthquake, landslides, building collapse etc. The Training Center is striving to create the Teams for the spills Disasters such as Oil spills and hazardous industrial accidents & Road, Rail accidents.